Click here for ‘Grounding Grief‘ Research Project 2019

Click here for MA Module Essay: Embodied Spirituality and the Sacred Dimensions of Practice 2019

Womb Sac: Movement Installation in neo:gallery Bolton, 2015

Threshold: Witnessed Movement Ritual in Exmouth, 2015

Rock Haven Film: Shown as part of installation in neo:gallery Bolton, 2015

Rock Haven: Performed as part of Exmouth Festival 2014

Leaf Fall Photographer Keturah (Kat) Weber in her work with Exmouth Photo Studio

Wild in the Woods: Performance 2013 & Performance as part of Exmouth Festival, 2014

Wild in the Wood Music: Echoes of the Ancient Forest by Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer

Sea Sand and Sari : Practice & Performance as part of Exmouth Festival 2009