A 75-minute indoor, outdoor, via skype or zoom session costs £50.

These co-creation sessions are a shared journey which the practitioner and client make together in trust and companionship. Without judgement both are open to whatever emerges. They may discover space for reflection and rest or there might be a desire for reanimation; a renewed enjoyment of life. They may support someone grieving, someone with back pain or a woman’s pregnancy experience. See across for MA co-creation video and/or below for the written presentation format.

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Participant’s Comments:

"I have come to understand so much more about my body and my life. By being gently challenged and warmly encouraged to think and move in new ways I feel these sessions have made a difference to me that I could not have imagined." Christine King

"Thank you so much for that amazing session. I really felt you were with me in so many different ways and it certainly touched on some of my core issues in unexpected ways." Jenny Dawson