‘Finding Place’ Click title to view flip-book of Michelle Wilkinson’s outdoor movement practice published June 2016. Technical support by Becky Harding and Camilla Todd for WNW Digital.

‘Dancing Outdoors’ article by Michelle Wilkinson published in Participate community dance newspaper June 2015

Moving Naturally Phear Park Exmouth Wednesdays 2-3pm Gentle movement sessions connecting to the internal body and the outer space which are influenced by Yoga and Qi Gong. ‘Looking up into the wonderful moving green canopy & beautiful blue sky beyond was joyful’ participant LB. These sessions replaced indoor mat sessions during COVID-19 Restrictions during the summer 2020.


These workshops connect people with the wisdom of the earth, trees, sea and sky. Here participants find their own relationship with land and seascapes through simple movement scores. From this, personal responses arise to varied terrains and weather conditions which may evolve into artwork, written reflections or dances. These  workshops, in the Budleigh Salterton and Exmouth area, run throughout the year. You can see images of previous workshops in the videos below and the Gallery page of this website. The next workshop ‘Cliff-tops & Tree-tops’ is on Monday 7th September 2020 10.30 am – 1 pm. As you travel along the Budleigh Salterton Cliff-tops, allow your internal and external environments to find their dance. Walk with awareness and open up to your senses. Touch and be touched by trees, move to the surrounding sounds and taste the air. Take time to embody body and place. Phone Michelle on 01395 271037 for details.

Participants’ Comments:

One of the best days in a long time…fruitful, peaceful, relaxing  and inspiring. It brought to the fore creativity and capabilities I did not think I had. Liz Goulding

It filled me with a sense of awe and wonder that we should be blessed with such nature around us…it is all there for us to appreciate and take in. The magic stayed with me through my donkey that wanted to play. I found support and security in the trees after a somewhat challenging descent…saw what my imagination described as a temple in the horizon…a sanctuary of rest. Helen Goodman-Payne

Information on workshops for 2019 will be available in January. For details phone Michelle Wilkinson on 01395 271037 (Mon – Sat 9am – 7pm).