Over the years these movement sessions have sifted and changed, but always at the heart of the work is a deep listening to our body and the ability to follow the internal movement impulses which organically arise. The present focus grows from my MA Research ‘Grounding Grief’. Death is a natural part of life, yet within western society it may remain a hidden aspect of daily activities. Part of the life/death/life cycle, death has much to offer our ability to embrace life as fully as possible. Grief responses to the death of a loved one might be met with avoidance, cause anxiety or become overwhelming. ‘Grounding Grief’ sessions seek to discover how bereavement feelings held within the body can be accessed and explored in ways which are not only supportive, but creative and illuminating.  

Click to open Monday morning poems and drawings in response to movement in celebration of a decade of sessions Body and Soul Publication

Venue: The Masonic Hall, Budleigh Salterton                     Cost: £10   

                                                     Day: Mondays                                                                      Time: 10.20am -12noon  

Participants’ Comments:

Sessions are alternative, affirming, creative, nurturing, and healing. Jenny Grey

Wow! Would you believe it! I found myself moving freely and fluidly around the floor both on my feet and rolling, aches and pains forgotten! My lower body movement at the start of the workshop, had been stiff and stilted, my legs somehow not wanting to travel across the room. John Fullwood

My relationship with the garden, and they way I move whilst tending it, is shifting and deepening. I’m realizing the possibility of learning to dance with it, to be more open to the earth’s support as I work and focus less on results. Thank you for creating the space for these realizations to germinate. Lesley Davies

I often reflect on the extraordinary movement sessions and the richness of experience they provided. Shelagh Todd

I appreciate the ‘held’ space, the safety, trust, respect, honesty in which we worked and shared. Helen Goodman-Payne 

For further information or to book please contact Michelle Wilkinson on 01395 271037 (Mon-Sat 9am-7pm)