These studio movement sessions are an opportunity for guided spontaneous movement traveling through the spacial levels of upright, sitting/animal and lying. They are either afternoon workshops or blocks of 4-6 weekly sessions. See below for forthcoming event and previous areas of exploration.

Spinal Songs…How can you move from your spine? How does it sing? What sensations, images or thoughts arise? Through spontaneous movement and touch connect with the spinal bones and nervous system which radiate out your expression into the world as you dance with life.

Venue: Withycombe Methodist Church Hall, Exmouth        Cost: £15                                    Date: Wednesday 25th October 2017                                 Time: 2pm-4pm 

Human Animal… Human life begins in a watery womb emerging onto land, then moving from the earth through levels to upright. This journey awakens relational creatures such as starfish navel, caterpillar spine, lizard legs and gorilla fists. Come travel through space and time discovering the evolutionary process that lies within you.

Creative Seeds…Play and explore with woman-made objects and gifts from beaches and trees. Open up to your creative seeds. See what unfolds. Follow your dance.  Participant’s Comment: I often reflect on the extraordinary movement sessions and the richness of experience they provided. Shelagh Todd

Rhythms and EffortsDialogue with rhythms like flow and efforts qualities such as push. Move into and out of music being fed by it rather than having  dependency on it .Discover the varied range of movement possibilities that are available to you and enrich your life.  Participant’s Comment: I appreciate the ‘held’ space, the safety, trust, respect, honesty in which we worked and shared. Helen Goodman-Payne 


For further information or to book please contact Michelle Wilkinson on 01395 271037 (Mon-Sat 9am-7pm)