MOVING NATURALLY a journey of self-discovery through Movement and Shiatsu

Sessions and workshops are held in studios and outdoors in the Budleigh Salterton and Exmouth area. Home visits are available. The mat sessions explore movements  for bodily self-awareness, flexibility and strength. Other workshops focus on movement vocabulary, creativity and self-expression. Inspiration, scores and understanding arise from a combination of Michelle Wilkinson’s regular studio and on site practice along the Jurassic Coast, the North Devon Coastline, the heathland of East Devon and the moorland of Dartmoor. View Studio, Shiatsu and Outdoor Pages for details on venues, times and cost. Evolving from this work are Michelle’s creative movement responses in the form of solo dances, installations and visual artwork which can be seen on the Artist, Gallery and Video Pages of this website. For further information or to discuss individual requirements phone Michelle on 01395 271037 (Mon – Sat 9am – 7pm)

Participants’ Comments for Studio Sessions/Workshops & Solo Dance:

My relationship with the garden, and the way I move whilst tending it, is shifting and deepening. I’m realizing the possibility of learning to dance with it, to be more open to the earth’s support as I work and to focus less on results. Thank you for creating the space for these realizations to germinate. Lesley Davies

The variety…each session is different. Appreciate your personal consideration of us all. Valerie Hillebrandt

I just wanted to say thank you. It may not seem much, but being able to stand up without support, has given me loads of confidence. I used to be terrified of falling in case I couldn’t get up. I am enjoying the movement session so much and I am really feeling the difference in my mobility. I am also feeling a great sense of achievement. People have noticed that I am looking better. LB

‘Wild in the Wood’ was a beautiful and mesmerizing performance and Michelle’s natural and creative movements flowed seamlessly. Barbara Hunt

Participants’ Comments for Outdoor Sessions, Workshops, Events and Projects:

Do please take a look at Michelle’s flip book ‘Finding Place’ on the Outdoors Page of this website. It is beautiful, and very much conveys her fully-embodied connection with the land. Linda Gordon Environmental Artist from North Devon July 2016

I observed a session one day and was greatly moved by the quality and commitment and concentration in his practice and by the way in which Michelle supported and empowered my friend to move and express himself freely in a safely held space. He clearly enjoyed and looked forward to the sessions and would talk about them with enthusiasm, when I visited him each week. Sarah Scoble President, European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education 2009 witnessing an Individual Sessions

Our bodies began to move, slowly and meditatively, in acknowledgement and celebration of our presence and connection. An unforgettable and deeply valued experience. John Fullwood World Dance Day 2010

Thank you for such a beautiful experience…the chance to dance somewhere so lovely with such a theme… the breathtaking expanse of the view out to sea…the structure of the rocks and the colour of the earth..one could not help but dance. I can’t wait for next time. Pat Barker World Dance Day 2011

It filled me with a sense of awe and wonder that we should be blessed with such nature around us…it is all there for us to appreciate and take in. The magic stayed with me through my donkey that wanted to play. I found support and security in the trees after a somewhat challenging descent…saw what my imagination described as a temple in the horizon..a sanctuary of rest. Helen Goodman-Payne Outdoor Workshop

To find out more about ‘Moving Naturally’ sessions and workshops, please browse this website or contact Michelle Wilkinson on 01395 271037 (Mon – Sat 9am – 7pm).